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Dear Reception,

I have sent a pack of activities for you to do at home, the packs are set into different activities:

The first pack is number formation to 20. What numbers can you recognise? Can you write the numbers on a piece of paper, cut them up and order them?   

The second pack is letter formation; can you tell your parents/carers every sound?

 In the third pack you will find phonic and number games, have fun and show your grownups how clever you are!

The last pack is full of maths challenges that you can do around your home, lots of practical activities and working on number sense.

I know you are all fantastic at writing your name, so please keep writing and try practice your surname, you can do this with chalks, on paper or even with water outside.

There are lots of things you can do with your adults at home, show them how we sing five little monkeys swinging in the tree, the alphabet song – including ‘my sound is a but my name is A song’, you could even have your teddies as the characters. Keep asking your adults to share stories with you, I wonder if you can remember some of the stories we have been reading like the Little Red Riding Hood and Supertato. I’m reading this on the website for you to listen to, I’m sure you can read along with me. There are some websites below which I know will be fun to explore at home.

I’m sure you will have lots of fun at home. I will miss you but we will be in touch and can’t wait to hear what you have been doing. Keep washing your hands and stay safe.


Love Mrs Gallagher

Websites to try

Phonics Play: This is a website we use in school with children who access phonics teaching in Reception to Years 2. They have a range of interactive games for children.

Username: march20           Password: home


Oxford Owl: This includes a range of reading, English and Maths activities and also has a free e book section.


Go Noodle: This website has many videos for children to follow linked to yoga, physical activity and wellbeing.



Message board

Please send messages from you children (and from you!) so we can put them on here and share with their friends.



Mrs Gallagher I miss you and school. I have been riding on my bike in the garden lots. I have been doing yoga and loads of work. 
I love you. 
from Layton 

Hello to my favourite Reception children! 

This is very strange writing to you instead of seeing you! I hope you are all having a good time at home and enjoying spending time with your families.  Mrs. Gallagher has sent some things home for you to be doing and there are lots of ideas on here. 

It would be really lovely if you could send us some messages that we can share with your friends. Just ask your adult to email it through the website or go on our new Facebook page. Mrs. Gallagher and Mr. Timson have their photo on there from earlier today too!

I'm going to try to persuade Mrs. Gallagher to let me join you on your trip to the Rainbow Factory when we are all back in school.

See you all soon, 

Mrs. Lomas

Hello everyone, 

I hope you are all OK and keeping safe.

I am missing you all so much, your little smiley faces that always brighten my day, our morning cuddles, your infectious laughs, your jokes, our little chats, our morning game of duck, duck goose in Breakfast Club, my brilliant bakers in Baking Club and not forgetting my Small Pet Team! I cannot wait for school to be back open so I can see you all and give you all the biggest squeeze! 

To my parents I am missing you all too! The chats and the coffees, the laughs we have, being that shoulder to cry on if you need it and eating our body weight in biscuits! I will be here waiting for you all as soon as school reopens. 

Keep washing those hands and I will see you all soon.

Lots of love, Mrs Shaw xxx